About the IFLA Risk Register

Who is the Risk Register For?

The Risk Register is for institutions, individuals and communities holding documentary heritage collections – big and small. These collections can be of value to a local community, to an individual family, or on a national, regional, or international scale. If you are holding a collection that you feel might be facing risk from natural disaster, conflict, or lack of risk reduction planning, this can help you find solutions.

Although we assess authenticity of collections, the IFLA Risk Register is not a register of only those collections deemed to be of outstanding universal value. It also does not aim to be an exhaustive list of all documentary heritage. This register helps equip any and all collection owners with tools to manage risk, while cataloguing and safeguarding critical information on their collections.

Why use the Risk Register?

No institution is an island, and complex threats can be better faced with the support of a network. This initiative allows for information sharing on a global scale, while connecting documentary heritage collection owners to resources wherever they may be.

You can use your collection’s inclusion on the IFLA Risk Register to validate your concerns over its conservation, power your advocacy efforts and leverage for more safeguarding measures.

To help ensure your collection stays together and in good condition in the face of disaster or conflict, and to take advantage of tools, guidelines and advice from international experts, register your collection with IFLA.

What if my collection is already registered elsewhere?

Our register does not aim to be an exhaustive list of all documentary heritage collections. If your collection is adequately covered on a national register, you are not obliged to register it here as well. Perhaps instead, approach those collection holders in your network who are not eligible to be included on an alternative register to encourage them to join us here.

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Dernière mise à jour: 30 décembre 2020