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Bibliography Section documents posted

Action Plan 2019/2020, Annual Report 2018/2019, Minutes from August 2019 are now posted

20 January 2020

WLIC 2020 Open Session Call for Papers [Update: WLIC 2020 CANCELLED]

Theme: Smarter Bibliographies: Connecting and engaging national bibliographies with new platforms

20 January 2020

New entries in the National Bibliographic Register

New profiles added for Canada, Greece, and Turkey

5 August 2019 | Bibliography, Bibliography, Canada, Greece, Turkey, national bibliographies

The IFLA Metadata Newsletter June 2019 issue is published

See the latest issue for information on metadata events at WLIC 2019 and all the latest reports and news

28 June 2019 | Bibliography

Updates to the National Bibliographic Register

Profiles updated for Colombia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden

2 June 2019 | Bibliography, Colombia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, national bibliographies

Minutes of the WLIC 2018 meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The minutes of the Bibliography Section Standing Committee meetings in Kuala Lumpur held August 2018 are now available.

11 March 2019 | Bibliography, Bibliography

Bibliography Section Standing Committee Meetings Cape Town

Saturday 15. August and Tuesday 18. August Notes prepared by the secretaries: Anke Meyer-Heß (meeting 1) and Anders Cato (meeting 2)

30 March 2016

Working Group Meeting Report now available

Report from the Project Working Group Meeting on Best Practice for National Bibliographic Agencies in a Digital Age

18 August 2015 | Bibliography, Best practices

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