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Supporting Sustainable Development Globally: Libraries at the UN Regional Forums

In preparation for global meetings on the SDGs in July and September, IFLA has been active at the regional level. The message: that at all levels, and across the 2030 Agenda, libraries and access to information are indispensable for progress.

18 June 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Africa, Asia and Oceania, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, SDGs, Sustainable development, Libraries, Development and the United Nations 2030 Agenda

Justice, Good Governance and Libraries: IFLA Participates in United Nations Expert Meeting on SDG16

UN Member States, agencies and civil society representatives met in Rome on 27-29 May to discuss progress towards building peace, justice and strong institutions (SDG16). IFLA participated, highlighting the fundamental role of libraries and access to information in achieving success for all.

3 June 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Development, Italy, Access to Legal Information

Vote Library: Final Day of the 2019 European Elections

Today, voters in most European Union Member States will choose who will represent them for the coming five years in the European Parliament. Their choices will have an impact, not least on libraries.

26 May 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Europe, European Parliament, Elections

Stronger Libraries for a Stronger Europe – Celebrating Europe Day 2019

IFLA has welcomed Europe Day 2019 as an opportunity to celebrate the importance of collaboration, and to look forward to the upcoming elections. Based on the Library Manifesto for Europe, a growing number of European and national parties are setting out how they plan to help libraries in the coming five years.

9 May 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Advocacy, Europe, European Union, Elections

A Library Manifesto for Europe

The decisions taken in Brussels and Strasbourg have a significant impact on libraries. To prepare for the coming mandate of the European Parliament, IFLA and partners have developed a Library Manifesto for Europe.

25 April 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Europe, European Parliament, European Union

First SDG Book Club Selection Available

The first selection from the SDG Book Club, in all official UN languages, is now online. This offers an excellent starting point to get discussions going around SDG1 – no poverty.

2 April 2019 | Literacy and Reading, Children, Development, Literacy, Sustainable development

IFLA Collaborates with United Nations on the SDG Book Club

IFLA is participating in the SDG Book Club, an initiative launched by the United Nations alongside organisations representing publishers, booksellers and books for youth. Through this, we hope to help more young people engage with the Global Goals, especially in libraries.

15 March 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Children, Development, Literacy, SDGs

Libraries Help Local Government Deliver Rights and Development: IFLA Submission to Human Rights Council

​​Through providing access to information and skills in a welcoming environment, as well as working as a platform for partnerships, libraries can make a reality of human rights and sustainable development. IFLA has underlined what can be done in a submission to the Human Rights Council.

16 February 2019

A Stronger Field for Stronger Societies: IFLA President Visits Taiwan, China

IFLA President Glòria Pérez-Salmerón visited Taiwan, China on 9-12 January 2019. In a series of speeches and meetings, she shared the message that libraries can be motors of change, and discussed how IFLA and the library field can become more inclusive and effective.

16 January 2019 | Access to information, Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda, China, Global Vision, IFLA Global Vision

Making Development Disability-Inclusive: UN Report Highlights IFLA Evidence

A new United Nations report underlines the need for action to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy the same opportunities and possibilities as others. It also highlights good practices, including those adopted by libraries.

12 December 2018 | Library Services to People with Special Needs, Access to information, sustainable development goals, SDGs, disability

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