7 January 2013

WLIC 2013, Singapore - The CPDWL section sessions

By Catharina Isberg

During WLIC 2013 in Singapore, the CPDWL section is planning three different sessions. One workshop, one session together with NPSIG and one session together with SET.

The workshop session theme is "Taking charge of your career". The format will be round table discussions each lead by a team leader with some experience on the topic and who will facilitate sharing and recording of information.

Together with NPSIG (New Professional Special Interest Group) CPDWL is planning the session "New librarians global connection: best practices, models and recommendations". See the Call for Papers.

In collaboration with SET (Education and training section) we are planning a session with the theme "Libraries as learning organisations: how to nurture growth in our staff and our communities". See the Call for Papers.

If you are interested in all the call for papers at the WLIC 2013 in Singapore, see the Call for Papers website.

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning, Professional development

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