9 March 2018

IFLA LRM is the subject of this year's Lectio magistralis at Florence University

Pat Riva was invited to deliver the Lectio magistralis in Library Science at the University of Florence on March 6th, 2018. She spoke about IFLA's new standard, the IFLA Library Reference Model. 

The IFLA Library Reference Model : lectio magistralis in library science = Il modello concettuale IFLA Library Reference Model : lectio magistralis in biblioteconomia

Permalink: http://digital.casalini.it/9788876560255

The text of the lecture is available in English and in Italian. 

Pat Riva was the Chair of the Consolidation Editorial Group that wrote the definition of the IFLA LRM model: IFLA Library Reference Model:  a conceptual model for bibliographic information

Bibliographic Conceptual Models (BCM)

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