14 May 2018

Library History SIG session at IFLA WLIC 2018 is scheduled on Sunday 26 August 2018

By Kerry Smith

Library History SIG session at IFLA WLIC 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Sunday 26 August 2018, Session 095 Conference Hall 3, 9.30–11.30 a.m. – please join us.

As earlier advised the SIG's session theme is Transform Libraries. Transform Societies: Library Outreach to Marginalized Populations: Historical Perspectives, and the small SIG “committee” had a difficult task deciding which papers to accept.  Having done that, final advice of the programme had to wait until decisions were made by IFLA on some funding assistance sought by 2 potential speakers.  All speakers have now confirmed their attendance and the SIG's programme of some very interesting papers has been entered onto the Conference website:

  • Plenary speaker: Associate Professor Brendan Luyt, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  | “When the Marginalized Are the Majority: The Colonial Library in Singapore”.
  • "Desert Dreams: The Foundation and Growth of the Amargosa Valley Library” | Samuel Eddington, Training Coordinator, Eastern Shore Regional Library, Salisbury, Maryland, USA
  • “University of Zimbabwe Library and Services for New Farmers 2006-2011: Historical Reflections on Establishment and Impact” | Tendai Mataranyika, Faculty of Agriculture Librarian, University of Zimbabwe
  • “Research on the Development of Serving Marginalized Populations by Public Libraries of China in the Past 30 Years: A Case Study on Public Libraries in Guangdong Province” | Lei Wang,Xiaoyan Xie, Sun Yat-sen University Library
  • “Redesigning Libraries in Chilean Prisons” | Miguel Ángel Rivera Donoso, Coordinator Prison Libraries Program DIBAM, Chile. 

Dr Kerry Smith, FALIA, AM

Convenor, IFLA Library History SIG


Library history, Malaysia

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